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  1. A permission shall be needed to temporarily import, possess or carry a Category A, B, or C firearm or ammunition therefor in, or to transit the same through, the territory of the Czech Republic; the above provision shall be without prejudice to procedures stipulated in special legislation.9)
  2. Unless stipulated otherwise herein, the permission referred to above shall be a firearms or ammunition ansit waybill.
  3. A firearms or ammunition transit waybill shall be issued to natural persons or legal entities that have filed and submitted an application in accordance with Section 44, Paragraph 4, by the Czech embassy or a consular office; insofar as natural persons or legal entities visiting the Czech Republic for the purpose of exercising their right of hunting or taking part in marksmanship or sports target shooting competitions, or natural persons holding a European firearms pass, are concerned, and unless stipulated otherwise herein, they may also be issued the firearms or ammunition transit waybill by the police station (only airport Prague) at the border checkpoint.
  4. If the purpose of the transit is the exercise of right of hunting or participation in a marksmanship or shooting competition, the applicant shall attach a notarised invitation of the owner of the hunting ground or the organiser of the marksmanship or shooting competition, as the case may be, to the application referred to in Paragraph 3 above. Insofar as other cases are concerned, the applicant shall give the purpose of the transit.
  5. Hunters or sports shooters from member countries of the European Union shall not be required to have a permission referred to in Paragraph 2 above for their Category C hunting firearms and ammunition therefor or Category B or C sports firearms and ammunition therefor, respectively, if they are holders of a European firearms pass which mentions the firearm in question and if they are able to give the reason of their visit, in particular by producing an invitation such as that referred to in Paragraph 4 above.
  6. Other holders of a European firearms pass for Category B or C firearms or ammunition therefor shall not be required to have a transit permission referred to in Paragraph 2 above as well, if the firearm in question is mentioned in the European firearms pass and if the Police Directorate of jurisdiction has granted its prior approval thereof. The approval shall be granted for a period up to one year, be entered into the European firearms pass, and may be repeatedly extended by up to one year.
  7. Travellers from third countries who intend to visit a member country of the European Union shall be required to produce a permission of each and every member country through or in the territory of which they intend to travel with a firearm or ammunition when checked at the external border of the European Union.Insofar as holders of a firearms or ammunition transit waybill or a European firearms pass are concerned, the provisions of the present Act regarding the rights and duties of firearms permit holders shall apply mutatis mutandis. No firearm or weapon mentioned in a firearms or ammunition transit waybill or a European firearms pass shall be subject to the registration procedure referred to in Section 41, Paragraph 1.

Arms and ammunition / Armes et munition / Waffen und Munition / Arma e munizioni  

Application for the issue of the arms waybill for permanent export, permanent import, and transit of firearms and ammunition:

page 1 (pdf 432 kB), page 2 (pdf 394 kB)

Demande de délivrance du document d´accompagnement relatif a l´exportation définitive, l´importation définitive, le transit d´armes ou munitions:

page 1 (pdf 423 kB), page 2 (pdf 386 kB)

Antrag auf die Ausstellung des Waffengeleitscheines für Dauerausfuhr, Dauereinfuhr und Transit von Waffen oder Munition:

seite 1 (pdf 428 kB), seite 2 (pdf 413 kB)

Richiesta per il rilascio del documento di accompagnamento relativo all´esportazione definitiva, l´importazione definitiva, il transito di armi o munizioni:

pagina 1 (pdf 426 kB), pagina 2 (pdf 409 kB)